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Con mi nieto - Rene González SehwerertI was born in Chicago, United States of America, on August 13 1956. I grew up on a Cuba immerse on the class struggle resulting from the revolution of January 1st 1959. On that Cuba I built my life, constituted a family and also experienced as part of my generation of Cubans the unleashing of terrorism coming from Miami against the island.

In 1990 I returned to the United States to try to prevent those terrorist actions and to protect from them the society which shaped me. I infiltrated several of the groups which from Florida, with the complicity of the American government, devote to those criminal activities. For protecting the live of the Cubans the FBI arrested me together with other defendants and we were subjected to a cruel treatment, followed by a phony trial.

Today we are known as “The Cuban Five”, and to the freedom of all this blog is devoted.

Este blog persigue fundamentalmente un intercambio civilizado y respetuoso alrededor del caso de Los Cinco, que aspira a ampliar la divulgación del mismo y de su contexto. Se aceptan todas las opiniones siempre que se manifiesten en forma respetuosa, se adhieran al tema del post, y eviten los ataques personales.