The president in his labyrinth


A story by Reuters gives an account of the process which would have taken to the events on last December 17th, whose impact on the relations Cuba-United States is impossible to foresee. Assembled with fragmentary information, from several sources, it is probably a partial approach to a portion of a more rich and complex history, told mostly by one of the parties and adorned with inferences from the writers.

It has probably the virtue of being the first attempt to take up the process, at least on what refers to the options and tribulations of the American administration. It is to be expected that many more attempts will be helping to complete this puzzle, which with all certainty would make a good movie script.

It is because of this quality that we offer it to the readers, even though it is only a part -probably on some degree inaccurate- if  a bigger story.

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The Dream Team, a lock of hair and the fifth leg of the chair

los cincsonsA dream team consumed itself on a more than two week vigil to discover the obvious: There is no worst seer than the one who wants to see something.

It took the full time work of an investigator-correspondent-dissident, an expert on photography, two atomic scientists, a master on industrial design and two journalists the sensational discovery that the meeting of Fidel with the “Fives” was a fraud. Little tricks by the reds. Continue reading The Dream Team, a lock of hair and the fifth leg of the chair

Who is threatening whom?





An article by Reuters deals with the Executive Order signed by president Obama, who declares Venezuela as a “unusual and extraordinary threat”, and dictates sanctions against several Venezuelan officials.

It is interesting that the references to the “threat to the national security” which Venezuela would represent are not in quotes, as well as the litany of accusations of “violence”, “human rights abuses”, “criminalizing of the freedom of expression” or “public corruption”. Neither are the references by Henrique Capriles to the “corrupt elite” in quotation marks.

Needles to say, the opinions by Maduro about Obama making a “colossal mistake”, or about the decree being an act of “imperialist arrogance” are quoted. That is also true for the treatment as “heroes” to the Venezuelan officials involved, on the part of their president.

But setting aside the “subtleties” -indeed, in quotation marks- of language,  the truth is that the divide between the United States and Venezuela has reached a new high, and this has implications for the whole continent.

Many questions arise from the new situation: Who is really threatening who? How can Venezuela represent a unusual and extraordinary threat to the United States? What implications will this situation for the relation between Latin-America  and the neighbor on the north? Will the carrot offered to Cuba and the stick wielded against Venezuela be a part of a strategy that searches, as a result, the demise of both the Cuban and the Bolivarian revolutions?

Which thinks the reader friend to be the implications for Cuba?

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Cheap propaganda and a serious subject

A propaganda article from The Washington Post reviews -or speculates about- the implications that the changes to the electoral law could represent for the immediate future of Cuba. Somehow pompous,  sprinkled with some little lie, embellished with a touch of ignorance, spotted with cliché phrases and also some truths, seasoned  with inventions or perhaps psychological projections, it touches on a subject of interest for the future of the island through a Web Forum on the Journal “Juventud Rebelde”.

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Five Hours with the Five


I greeted them on Saturday, February 28, 73 days after they set foot in Cuban land. Three of them had consumed 16 long years of his fullest youth to breathe the damp, smelly and disgusting air on the basement in a Yankee prison, after being convicted by venal judges.

Two others, who also were trying to prevent the criminal plans of the Empire against their homeland, were sentenced to several years of brutal imprisonment.

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From the general to the particular:

MarxCubaUncle Sam


It’s no secret that starting on December 17 2014 a new stage in the history of the revolution, full of challenges, dangers and opportunities has opened.  Depending on how we the revolutionaries act we’ll be able to take advantage of it to build the fairer society to which we aspire.

The new circumstances will have implications for each sphere of Cuban life. It is difficult to imagine an area of our society that will not be touched by them. At the same time, this situation creates a multiplicity of visions conditioned by the interests, expectations, philosophy, or any combination of them by the observer. Our purpose, according to what we announced previously, is the discussion to these assessments, starting with general valuations that seem to us of interest and serve for a serious debate.

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“With no hatred or rancor towards Miami”-Gerardo Hernández

gerardo3Gema. The baby of hope.

Cortesy of Nueva Réplica magazine. Photos Alvite.

Gerardo speaks out on behalf of the 5.

Everything was left behind. We suffered a lot during the 15 years of unjust punishment we were subjected to. Half or our anguish and bitterness was unknown even to our family; we never told them so as not to increase their pain. Everything, nevertheless, has been forgotten and today, in the name of the 5, I can say with absolute honesty that we don’t harbor hatred or rancor towards Miami.

If there was a lot of pain during our captivity, much bigger came to be the love or our families and the unbeatable support of our compatriots who helped us cope with it. We know of how many Americans and Cuban-Americans were also behind us without being always able to reveal their feelings.

The cell doors were closed one day behind us, but from there on plenty were the hands from all over the world which extended in our favor. For all of them, our more profound gratitude. Nothing mean or despicable was there on our actions against the United States of America. What we did was to contribute on our limited possibilities to prevent death on our people.

We are very happy to be again on our homeland. In my personal case, that happiness was multiplied, last February 6, with the birth of Gema which came to fulfill the best hopes of both my wife Adriana and myself. She is a girl, and I ask forgiveness for my father’s weakness, very beautiful; adorable, to say it on a single word.

After 55 years of estrangement, misunderstanding and tensions between Cuba and the United States, it was her fate to be born on a new era on the relations between the two countries, an era which will bring about other challenges and new hopes.