Ugly American discovers Cuba. (Or an “educational essay”):


Marvila, the Wonder Woman,  concedes to the Cubans the grace of visiting their little cay. She is accompanied by the three boys she engendered with her husband from  the island. With her star and banners suite she jumps into a plane to confront with resolution the Castros’  “propaganda tour”. They haven’t taken off Miami and she has already to blandish her American lash to put the stewardesses in place. With order reestablished she endeavourers to put her delicate feet on the Cuban soil, which receives  the blessing of every one of the steps from the American Superwoman

Bad idea that of visiting a country -in addition, a communist one- looking like the Statue of Liberty. Her presence brings about the mobilization of the commie’s hordes. On this theatre of operations she has to move some times by leap, other times by crawling, then by dragging herself along.

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“With no hatred or rancor towards Miami”-Gerardo Hernández

gerardo3Gema. The baby of hope.

Cortesy of Nueva Réplica magazine. Photos Alvite.

Gerardo speaks out on behalf of the 5.

Everything was left behind. We suffered a lot during the 15 years of unjust punishment we were subjected to. Half or our anguish and bitterness was unknown even to our family; we never told them so as not to increase their pain. Everything, nevertheless, has been forgotten and today, in the name of the 5, I can say with absolute honesty that we don’t harbor hatred or rancor towards Miami.

If there was a lot of pain during our captivity, much bigger came to be the love or our families and the unbeatable support of our compatriots who helped us cope with it. We know of how many Americans and Cuban-Americans were also behind us without being always able to reveal their feelings.

The cell doors were closed one day behind us, but from there on plenty were the hands from all over the world which extended in our favor. For all of them, our more profound gratitude. Nothing mean or despicable was there on our actions against the United States of America. What we did was to contribute on our limited possibilities to prevent death on our people.

We are very happy to be again on our homeland. In my personal case, that happiness was multiplied, last February 6, with the birth of Gema which came to fulfill the best hopes of both my wife Adriana and myself. She is a girl, and I ask forgiveness for my father’s weakness, very beautiful; adorable, to say it on a single word.

After 55 years of estrangement, misunderstanding and tensions between Cuba and the United States, it was her fate to be born on a new era on the relations between the two countries, an era which will bring about other challenges and new hopes.