First time to have sex in a hotel? Here’s how you can make it memorable:

It seems like most couples run out of steam at some point, and their sex lives suffer because of it. That’s, unfortunately, quite normal. You can’t have the same feelings for your partner as you

It seems like most couples run out of steam at some point, and their sex lives suffer because of it. That’s, unfortunately, quite normal. You can’t have the same feelings for your partner as you did back when your relationship began. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t fix this situation and lift it at least one level up. How so, you might ask. Well, the secret is in spicing up your sex life by enjoying intercourse in new and exciting places. One such solution is to have hotel sex, and we’ll explain why in the following text.

Never Hold Back

Our lives are full of stress. In fact, it seems like issues are lurking on every corner. Be they professional or personal — we can sometimes feel like there’s no way out. Luckily, that’s where sex comes in. Aside from feeling great, it’s behind many benefits for our physical and mental well-being. Therefore, why hold out on it even when traveling and in a hotel room? There’s really no reason for it.


The main thing that makes hotel sex so memorable is that it takes you away from all stress. That is because the whole deed isn’t taking place back home. There’s nothing that can remind you mid-intercourse of your problems. No furniture, no decorations, no nothing that you have back inside your own four walls. It’s like you and your partner are in an entirely different universe, where your lives start from scratch.

Try Out New Things

An excellent hotel sex tip is to try different things. Be it role-playing or trying out new sex positions, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that does is that the two of you spice things up and experience a change. To get the hang of it, you and your lover should watch some hotel-based porn videos, as they can serve as great inspiration for what to do.


For example, you can play around with room service roles. Either one of you can act as if they are an employee of the hotel where you’re staying, carelessly entering the room to find the other in the shower. So, what next? Well, next up — steamy shower sex. But this is just one idea you can have while having sex in a rented room. Challenge your imagination.

Have Sex in Every Corner of the Room

Another great thing about hotel rooms is that some of them have lots to offer in terms of amenities if you pay enough money. From jacuzzis to glass walls that have great views of the town/city you’re staying at, you can have sex in every part of the room. Moreover, we urge you to make love across your apartment.


Jacuzzi sex is incredible for numerous reasons. Aside from the bubbles that tingle, you get to do it in water, which is quite some change from your regular bed sheets. On the other hand, having sex in a standing position where one partner leans onto the glass wall overlooking your surroundings is like a dream for many kinksters.


But why stop there? Take the party to the bar if you have one in your room. What’s more, do it in the kitchen if your apartment has one. Take sex anywhere you want to, as long as it doesn’t bother other hotel residents.

Explore Different Sex Positions

A guide about enjoying hotel sex would mean nothing if it didn’t mention different sex positions, would it? The best part of taking your sex to every corner of the hotel room or apartment is that you can try out various positions.

From the standing one we’ve mentioned to other, more creative ways of doing it, it’s all up to you. Have oral sex in the bathroom, anal doggy in the bed, or spoon your partner in front of the fireplace. But regardless of what you choose, enjoy it as much as you can.

Sex Toys — Don’t Forget Them

Lastly, we need to mention sex toys. If you’re already planning your getaway plan to have sex in some remote hotel, don’t forget how helpful adult toys and gadgets can be. Even if you have no experience with them by now, browse some of them before you head out. They can help you have an even better time while staying and fucking in a hotel room.


In case you plan on doing anal, why not do it safely? Pack your anal beads or plugs, lots of lube, and enjoy the moment. On the other hand, if the male partner in your relationship wants some role-playing, try pegging. It’s a great way to spice things up by changing roles, and it’s best to do it with a strap-on dildo. Either way, be creative and have fun.

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